TemperamentBehavior In general, Platies are a very peaceful fish.

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Doing this will prevent the male from harassing a. Many hobbyisist use livebearing fish such as these Mollies, Swordtails, Platys and Guppies as a natural, healthy source of LIVE food for other fish such as puffers, pacu, and all cichlids to consume.

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Available 5. (Poecilia reticulata) Starting at 19. Swordtail.


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Hi Fin Swordtails are a unique and uncommon variety of Swordtails.


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Peaceful in nature, the Blood Red Swordtail is well suited for the community aquarium.
2 Red Striped Endlers 0.
Swordtail Requirements Temperature 64-82F pH 7.


Dalmatian Swordtail.

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. . . Red Painted Swordtail for sale from Alpha & Omega Exotics Store at 5. Females can start reproducing as young as four months of age and will be very prolific when provided with a protein rich diet, which allows them to produce eggs.


94. They will grow to be a miximum of 4, require a temperature of 64-82 F, a KH of 12-30, and a pH of 7-8.

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Black Hamburg Swordtail.

Once quarantine is over, I plan to set up 2 breeding tanks the first will house the best (in my opinion) male and 5 to 10 of the best females.