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Chapter 3 Derivatives.

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Examples of the Product Rule Example 1 By the Product Rule we have.
2 Derivatives Properties and Formulas This section begins with a look at which functions have derivatives.

Find y y by implicit differentiation.


y (2 4x) (x 3x). 2 4 1 25 y xx 8. This unit.

y (2 4x) (x 3x). d dx sinu (cosu) du dx d dx cosu (sinu) du dx Answer. bc. 1. .

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6. TS Making decisions after reflection and review The Product Rule The Product Rule The Product Rule The Product Rule The Product Rule The derivative of a product is not equal to the product of the derivatives.

For example, for the product of three.

Lets begin by deriving the product rule.

Application III Differentiation of Natural Logs to find Proportional Changes The derivative of log(f(x)) f(x) f(x), or the proportional change in the variable x i.

For problems 1 6 use the Product Rule or the Quotient Rule to find the derivative of the given function.

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